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TQ Succession

TQ Succession

Identifying and building bench strength through planning and management

Succession planning will help prepare your organization for future staffing needs by giving you the necessary information to create developmental plans for key individuals, departments and the entire organization. TalentQuest automates the succession planning process with powerful search and analytical features that make it possible to identify employees who are qualified and ready to fill open positions in addition to identifying positions that are in need of qualified successors.

The TQ Succession module provides standardized and objective data for the review of the talent level and succession readiness of individuals. This succession planning software solution will analyze bench strength with the dynamic org chart feature and review the succession readiness of multiple employees at once. Compare candidates side-by-side or using our custom talent grid to build a complete succession plan.

succession planning


  • Identify and track high potential employees in the organization
  • Identify replacements for specified positions
  • Look for talent to fill positions with qualified internal candidates
  • Plan for future staffing needs with our succession planning software
  • Create development plans for individuals, departments, and the entire organization

Features and Functions

  • Search for employees based on multiple criteria including time in the organization, years in the position, mobility, education, skills, certifications, performance scores, competency scores, potential ratings, desired positions and much more
  • Ability to display search results of employees in a side-by-side view or plot them on an interactive talent grid (9-box) - designate the criteria for the talent grid and change the X and Y axis to data points other than just performance vs. potential
  • Conduct an interactive graphical analysis of bench strength with the dynamic org chart, analyzing key criteria such as incumbent details, list of successors, readiness timeline, risk of loss and career objectives
  • Quickly review several potential successors at once with the talent review feature
  • Ability to export search results into multiple formats including Excel and CSV
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