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Succession Planning: Not Just for Senior Executives

In the past, succession planning was an exercise reserved for the most senior leaders in an organization. That is no longer the case. Today, organizations must plan for change and also for continuity in leadership in critical roles and positions. Otherwise, they run the risk of talent gaps that could harm the business. Your organization needs to have a leadership strategy that is aligned with plans for growth, as well as the bench strength required for future management and leadership needs.

TalentQuest’s succession planning starts with our consultants working with your executive team, directors and managers to identify talent strategies and processes to ensure that the critical roles in your organization are filled and ends with the ability to automate the process. We will help you take the actions necessary to provide developmental experiences that will test the capabilities of key leaders, as well as:

  • Provide standardized and objective data for the review and development of talent
  • Determine the succession readiness of individuals to move to the next level or position (vertical or lateral advancement)
  • Create developmental plans for individuals, departments, and the entire organization
  • Identify replacements for specified positions
  • Look for talent to fill positions with qualified internal candidates
  • Plan for future staffing needs
  • Manage diversity

Don’t fail to plan for tomorrow. Our expertise in succession planning will enable your organization to identify, track and develop high-performing and high-potential employees who will become crucial to your succession plan.

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