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Assessment Solutions: Screening for Success

During the sourcing and recruiting process, assessments are crucial to discovering high-performing employees who reflect your business goals, skill requirements and culture. And assessment solutions deliver results: Research from Aberdeen Group indicates that companies using assessment tools are 43 percent more likely to achieve best-in-class results than those that don’t.

Appropriate assessments can improve the quality of hiring while maintaining legal compliance and reducing time to fill. Assessments allow you to easily filter out the wrong people and to find the talent that best fits your organization.

TalentQuest can help you to assess new executives during onboarding, develop a pre-hire assessment center, create custom benchmark profiles for selection and even build interview guides to optimize your recruitment process. Our consultants work directly with you to design selection standards and tools that will provide you with authentically integrated and objective evaluation criteria that will predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in your organization.

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