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Partnering for Success, Creating Happy Clients

Satisfied customers in the talent management industry seem to be few and far between. Not with TalentQuest. We listen, we care and we will develop solutions that earn raves from our clients. Read on and let our clients tell you what they think of TalentQuest and find out how our custom talent management technologies and consulting expertise are transforming these organizations.

In groups that were led by supervisors who had completed the TalentQuest Leadership Boot Camp, within one year we saw improvements in productivity and other operational metrics that were 15 percent higher than other groups within our organization. We were very pleased with these strong results.

Bill Thom, SVP of Operations, TimBar Packaging

TalentQuest has been a great, solid partner in the relaunch of our 360 feedback and leadership development program.

Curt Bonafiglia, Director, Organizational Effectiveness, McKesson

On behalf of our team here, I just want to again say thank you for the training session with our staff. It was very well received. Our staff shared several comments about the training session, including how much they learned about teamwork, how fun the simulation exercise was, and how knowledgeable and personable the TalentQuest facilitator was. They added they thought this was our most informative and fun retreat to date and they wished they could do the excercise one more time with their learnings! Thank you for tailoring the training session to our specific needs and for delivering our 3 focus areas perfectly.

Daryl Thomann, Chief Operating Officer, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Illinois

From day one of our existence, we employed TalentQuest to assist us in selecting the right people and developing the right culture. As a new bank, those were, and still remain, critically important issues for us. TalentQuest technology and consulting services are vital in helping us establish the best environment to enable our employees to thrive and our organization to grow and succeed. We trust TalentQuest to provide us with the best insights into our selection process and best practices in organizational development issues such as culture, performance management, teamwork and retention of great employees. With the help of TalentQuest, we strive to be an employer of choice.

Dick Carlton, Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer, One Georgia Bank

We asked TalentQuest to design and execute a Development Assessment Center for our first level executives. We worked with Rick Brandt and Ann Evangelista. The creativity that they demonstrated was outstanding. I was thrilled with the results, as were the participants in the program. They wowed everyone including our Senior Executives. TalentQuest won them over.

Eileen Mathews, Vice President of Leadership Development, Chubb and Sons Insurance

TalentQuest was very helpful in our talent development and implementation of management strategy at Gainco Inc. We used their assessment advice as we considered internal and external candidates for key positions within that organization. With their help, we are putting together a talented and effective management team as we position ourselves for continued growth and profitability.

Fred Watson, Retired Director of Human Resources, Bettcher Industries and Gainco, Inc.

I wanted to say thank you for offering such a fantastic class/seminar. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect going into it but I was most impressed with what I got out of it. The facilitator was outstanding and working side by side with managers and executive team members on the various exercises and scenarios was such a positive and eye opening experience. All the exercises were effective but the value of team effort was made so clear with the "Cascades Survival" exercise. Almost across the board the teams were over 30% more effective than the individual. What a great takeaway!

Jim Reilly, Manager Lotus Software, Mizuno

TalentQuest has been our valued partner in the area of management assessment and training for nearly 2 years. Rick Brandt has been our consultant and an important member of the Duane Reade extended team, as we have embarked on building our platform for assessment, training, and leadership development. I appreciate working with the team at TalentQuest because they are very open to different ideas, different approaches and they are always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our unique needs as New York City’s largest drug store chain.

Jim Scarfone, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Duane Reade

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I use and appreciate your services. Your personality profile has made my career counseling efforts much more professional, smooth and effective.

Kenneth Frank, Sales Manager, NRT

Our company has truly benefited from our 8 year relationship with TalentQuest. Over the years, we have worked together on a number of different initiatives such as developing Leadership Competencies, creating a Management Assessment Program, and establishing a Real Estate Agent Profile, all of which aid us in our recruiting and talent management processes. Our company has never been big on using external help. However, in working with TalentQuest and its talent leaders like Rick Brandt and Ann Evangelista, the partnership is seamless, because they’ve made the effort to understand our business and what’s important to us. I can honestly say that all the work they do for us incorporates the steep knowledge of our business and results in more customized products that they deliver to us.

Lauren DeSimon Johnson, Head of Human Resources, NRT- Coldwell Banker

The processes associated with recruiting, selection, development and retention are crucial to operating and growing my company effectively. The insights, recommendations, and coaching related to executive and managerial talent that my TQ consultant has contributed to my company are invaluable. The incisive and objective judgments provided by my TQ consultant have helped me put together the team we need to be successful.

Mike Eckert, CEO, Pathfire

We partnered with TalentQuest to help us maintain leadership continuity within the GDTAE. The TalentQuest profiling and executive assessment process helped us to select new Presidents to replace our retiring ones. The assessments that we received from TalentQuest on our internal and external candidates provided us with the confidence that our many technical colleges would continue to run smoothly and effectively following the retirement of some of our most experienced Presidents. We were able to consistently select the best President that we could for each campus and maintain an optimum level of leadership throughout our system. We relied on the Presidential profile in conjunction with extensive interviews to ensure success, maintain the right culture and foster the proper technical education environment.

Mike Vollmer, Retired Commissioner, Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education

My company, OnPoint Consulting, was looking for a reliable web-based platform that could be used to build our 360 assessment business upon. We selected TalentQuest after looking at many potential service providers. The biggest difference between TalentQuest and all the rest, in addition to a high-quality, easy-to-use technology platform, was a willingness to work with us as partners in a collaborative manner. The TalentQuest team is available when we need them and is always willing to problem solve and look for the best solution. We are confident we have found a long-term strategic alliance with TalentQuest that will broaden to accommodate us as we continue to grow.

Rick Lepsinger, President, OnPoint Consulting

Through working with TalentQuest, we learned how to drill down to the core skills and attributes we were looking for in a candidate. Equipped with that crucial knowledge, we could then weed through all of our candidates and identify the perfect fit for our position. We could not be happier with our candidate selection, and we feel very confident we used the most objective and comprehensive process to find her.

Ryan Gembala, Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, H.E.R.O. for Children

We are strongly committed to hiring top talent into our organization while maintaining our desired culture and climate. TalentQuest enabled us to better understand the qualities that make individuals ‘peak performers’ within the company. This solution will ensure we continue to hire people who will make a positive impact at the William Mills Agency.

Scott Mills, APR, President, William Mills Agency

I agree with TalentQuest that a key component of our future success is going to depend on providing opportunities for our attorneys and staff to develop and grow within Baker Donelson. There will always be someone else out there who is paying more money, but if we can create a foundation at our firm for people to grow, develop and thrive, I believe we will see increased retention.

Timothy M. Lupinacci, Shareholder, Baker Donelson Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC